Specializing in lint roller manufacture, distribution, licensing, and Quality Assurance (QA) HACCP-friendly.

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Design & Production

Superior, safe, and easy to use designs, loaded with our 'triple strength' proprietary formulated adhesive not found in other lint remover rollers, make our products more powerful and efficient than any other lint roller on the world market.

Our production is based in mainland China under strict quality control requirements, using only premium materials and proprietary injection tooling.

Importantly, all production is completed under ISO 9001 certification. This ensures ISO global compliance standards for site, function, products, services, and processes are met.

In addition to good practice, a number of major purchasers require their suppliers to hold ISO 9001 certification.

Three questions requiring imagination...

Is your business in need of a competitive lint roller product?

Would your business benefit from marketing under your branding or ours? See BRANDING..

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Our branding, your branding or Co-Branding?

“When brand managers enter or extend into new product categories via licensing they create an opportunity for a licensee to grow their company” Wikipedia

There are a number of successful licensing and branding options in practice around the globe. We offer three highly successful options, all protected under our production while meeting strict quality control.

Single Brand (ours)
Co-Brand (ours & yours)
Private Label (yours)

What is Co-Branding? It is a marketing partnership between at least two different brands of goods or services.

Why Co-Branding? It is being used increasingly by companies large and small to raise awareness and generate sales. When added to your marketing arsenal, co-branding can lend a certain level of respectability to each business within the partnership. It can also be a great way to instil confidence in customers who may otherwise not have considered your own brand for their purchasing needs.

At the most basic level, businesses have used co-branding to suggest enhancement of their current lines, and/or introduced new lines with the goal of stretching into new territories.

Food Safety Management

Our lint remover rollers are HACCP audit-friendly, offering vital compliance solutions, and additionally also form part of vital QA policy.

What is HACCP? HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is a risk management system that identifies, evaluates, and controls hazards related to food safety throughout the food supply chain.

Lint rollers, essentially are the last line-of-defence against common foreign object contaminants such as hair, lint, and dandruff passing through Production Entry Points (a Critical Control Point, or CCP) on staff clothing, and onto the production floor. Hair nets alone are simply not enough protection. Our lint rollers safeguard the removal of all pre-existing contaminants, including hair present on clothing after applying a hair net.

Is your business in need of a dependable lint roller?

Our lint rollers are HACCP trusted by OSI International Foods, Unilever, Nestlé, Campbell Arnott's, Smiths Pepsico, Yakult, Cathay Pacific, Devro, Brookfarm, Charlesworth Nuts, and Lunchbox Solutions, to name a few.

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About Us

Founded in 1999, our sole focus is creating leading lint remover roller designs & branding, coupled with dependable quality production, and repeat business. Our key strengths are "we know lint rollers, and deliver quality". Guaranteed

Key industries supplied are Pet, Vet, Pharmacy, Dry Cleaning & Food Manufacture
Some of our satisfied customers include Unilever, Nestlé, Campbell Arnotts, Smiths Pepsico, P&G, Cathay Pacific, Devro, Yakult, Mars Petcare & Hill's Pet Nutrition

We are confident we can satisfy you too, so please contact us today...

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